Coasters with Holder

Learn the secrets of Epoxy Resin Art and create your own set of gorgeous Geode Coasters.

Fisk Avenue DIY studio presents a fun and very interactive workshop on how to create a set of stunning geode coasters using epoxy resin, different pigments, stones and gold leaf.

Learn some new skills to create a gorgeous coaster set using epoxy resin. Indulge and dive into your creative side, unleash your inner artist, transform your creative energy into something beautiful at our epoxy resin workshop. In this hands on epoxy class you will learn everything you need to start working with epoxy resin, as well as two different pouring techniques for your coasters. We will help you to avoid most of the mistakes the beginners make and give you guidance to try your own pour at home! Even if you don’t have any artistic skills or even maybe never created any art in your life, you can create a real masterpiece using our step by step guidance. And even skilled artists can learn something new. Make a custom coaster set suited to your own personal style.

All materials are provided: epoxy resin, molds, N-95 mask, gloves, plastic to cover your surface, mixing sticks, paper towels , gold leaf and other additives, mixing cups with measurements, over 20 shades of mica powder and other epoxy tints, and a safe curing area.

Creating an amazing set of 4 coasters, with a matching holder.

The coasters will be available the following week. You will also be able to apply gold/silver leaf paint and use sanding paper to finish the edges of your coasters at our studio.

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